loss of server but still have internet
  • Every time i go to play a game online it will kick me out after a couple of minutes battefield bc2 or won't let me on at all mlb the show.My ps3 120gb still shows i have internet, on bc2 i can repeat this process ten times and get the exact same result it works fine for updates, downloads and browsing.I have talked to playstation they had me open ports on my router and then finally blamed it on my provider my provider says there is something wrong with my ps3 and the internet is working good. BC2 says loss of server check network connection i even tried making a static ip off of my router nothing has worked i have tried wireless and wired off of my router and plugging the cable right into the back and still the same result please help
  • The only other thing I can suggest doing is check for an upgrade of your router's firmware. Sometimes this will take care of the issue if there is a newer version available. You would be able to find it at your router manufacturer's web site in the Support area.