PSP downloads
  • I have a PSP2000. I have it directly connected to my pc with a USB cable to download my game and movie that has been purchased. It eithers times out or a window pops up that says "a connection error has occured." what is going wireless network times out and a direct connection tells me I have a connection problem....what should I do.?
  • Head over to Sony's site and grab the latest version of Media Go. It works as an access to the PlayStation Store via the computer as well as for transferring the games and other files to and from the PSP via USB. This should make for a smoother process for getting the games.
  • Thank you.....does this need to be installed on my pc?
  • Yes, you install it on your computer then, when wanting to buy things from the store, you connect the PSP in via USB cable still but you use the computer to do everything else (make the purchase, hit download). The software will put everything in the right spot automatically.