• How do I get my PSP online to download games
  • I Have a PSP GO and I am having a Problem getting games on the Unit so I need to know how to get games on the system
  • I take it you do have a wireless router at home to connect to. You will need to set up a bit of connection settings on the Go so that you can get online and access the PlayStation Store.

    Flip the switch on the lower left up to turn on the Go's wi-fi then go into the Settings menu to the Network Settings to start setting things up. I would suggest grabbing some information from the router to add to the Go's settings manually (subnet mask, router IP address, DNS servers). Just takes a few minutes and you should be good to go.

    Of course, another way to get to the Store is using Sony's Media Go software on your computer. You can then just connect the Go to your computer by USB cable and transfer the games that way. It's available at Sony's official PlayStation site.