Devil May Cry does not start
  • Hello,

    When i try to start the game i get the following:

    "Memory card (8mb) (for playstation2) inserted in memory slot 1 does not have game data for devil may cry.

    Insert memory card (8mb) (for playstation2) with game data in memory card slot 1.

    Saving and loading of the system setup data will be assigned to the memory card (8mb) (for playstation2) inserted in memory card slot 1.

    Press start button to begin game with default system setup."

    When i press start, the capcom logo appears and then nothing. There's no audio or video. Just a black screen. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me solve this problem.

    This game especially is one of the reasons why i bought a Playstation 2. :)


  • I'm guessing there isn't a single person who knows what the problem is, right?
  • I would check the disc first, matador. If it was bought used it is possible some dirt or scratches are making it unreadable by your PS2.
  • Well, i tried another Devil May Cry disc and that didn't work either. I guess the game just doesn't like my PS2. It's terribly hard to find good games around here. The only games normally being sold here are games that no one would play.

    Thanks, though.