ps3 internet connection
  • I just got my internet connection on Tuesday and i try to connect my cable modem to my ps3, but for some reason it doesn't work. If i put all the settings to automatic, the IP address times if i do it manually a DSN error message comes up.
  • Most likely the problem is not getting the DNS servers in quite right. These have to match up exactly as your internet provider has them. Also, if you swapped the cable out from the computer to the PS3 you should power down the modem first.
  • i've try to do that but it still won't work...and where exactly do u get the DNS codes that the internet provider has....because the one i put, i got them using my laptop i don't know if those are ones that i have to use...
  • You may have to contact your cable company's tech support to get the right numbers from them.
  • if for some reason that doesn't work, what do u think is the problem.
  • Honestly, you should have a router in place to share the connection between your computer and the PS3. Let it handle the getting online and everything else goes through it.