PSX Console Randomly Blacking Out
  • For the longest time, my PSX has had problems with how sensitive the power cord was, that if you even tapped it by accident, it may turn off the console or reset the game. I can deal with that problem, but recently, I've come across a new problem playing Star Ocean Second Story (hasn't happened with other games yet). I'll be fighting so many battles and the game will randomly choose one where as soon as I win the battle, the screen will fade to black and the game will freeze. I've tried opening the disc lid and closing it, I've tried taking the game out and sticking it back in, but nothing seems to work. It's frustrating putting in so much time trying to level my characters only to have the game randomly freeze on me. Any help would be appreciated...
  • I'll be honest here, Gigandas- your PSX is dying. Getting it fixed would likely be more expensive than finding a replacement or buying a slim PS2, which would let you play all your PSX games and let you expand into PS2.
  • I actually already own a PS2 so that's not a problem to play all my classic American PSX games, but my PSOne is a Japanese playstation, and the only console I own that will allow me to play my Japanese games. You wouldn't happen to know where I can pick another one of them up, would you? Thanks for the reply though.
  • Well now, that's a little detail that you kinda missed on me the first time. lol You'll likely need to hit up one of the sites that sell imports such as PlayAsia.