Playing modern warfare 2 online
  • Hi, I need some help in lamens terms as we only know the basics. We have recently gotten wifi Internet at home and hubby has been playing MW2 online. After a while a black screen appears for a couple if seconds and goes back to game play and sometimes it gets so bad and the black screen happens every minute. Is the Internet dropping out? Is it the TV? Is it the game? Can someone please help me as it's very frustrating. Thanks in advance
  • The internet dropping would make his screen freeze up thanks to lag but it wouldn't go black. I haven't heard of this sort of thing happening to anyone else with the game (if it did it no doubt would have made some news items on the web) so that brings it down to either the tv itself or the connection between the tv and the system.

    What sort of hook up do you have to the tv? Also, what type of tv (brand and model would likely help too).
  • I've figured it out. The screen was blacking out off line even when the ps was on idle. For some reason the HDMI cable wasn't loving the connection and swapped for composite cables and the problem is solved. Thanks anyway