Important PS3 Problem
  • When i try to turn my ps3 on the light just stays red and my controller also won't connect to the ps3. So it won't turn on and the controllers won't connect. There is no yellow light so it isn't YLOD. Help me please.
  • I was just playing TDM with a party of 4 and then extractasam the c*nt, joined me ;) on the other team and completely tore us apart with his scar, then after the game i wanted to re party and get him and another person in to get a party of 6, as i was backing out, the ps3 froze, the game and the screen "EVERYTHING" i had no option but too switch it off from the back because nothing was working,

    I After about 10 seconds, i decided to turn my ps3 back on & load the game up again and continue, but as i turned it on from the back, i pressed the red button to turn it on, but it would not turn on and flash green like usual, it just stayed red, I tried turning it on from the controller and the same thing happened "nothing" i cant do anything to turn it on and im stressing out because i cant find anything out on youtube,google etc..

    Im pretty sure its not YLOD because it has done this before like 3 times and worked a couple of hours later, but this time its been a whole day and still hasnt worked? what do you think i should do?

    Contact sony/leave it? i need some opinions here without little smart ass runts.
  • Definitely contact Sony about it, Forzaa. Sounds like something is definitely not right in your system.