Manhunt 2 Cheat Codes To Bonus Level
  • Good Day to all!!!

    I recently found a cheat code to unlock the bonus level to be used in the title screen or at the main menu screen: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right.

    i tried it but it did not work. i also finished the game with sane difficulty and still it did not unlock the bonus level.

    should i still finish the game with the insane level?

    Need help... pleeeaassseee....

  • Maybe this will help you a bit:

    Manhunt Unlockable: Bonuses, Earn Cheats
    Earn a three star rating on any level in order to unlock a bonus piece of artwork. As an added bonus, earn a five star rating and each piece of art will have half of a code on it. Combine the left bonus' code with the right bonus' code to get the cheat.

    The cheat code you mentioned will NOT work unless you have completed the above.