Internet Blinks On & Off, also have Plug-In issue.
  • I just connected my PS3 to the internet. I have an Apple brand Airport Extreme router that I am using. I have checked with my ISP who assures me that there is not a problem with my router connecting to my console, and that they are "speaking the same language". I also purchased and connected a Logitech brand wireless keyboard and mouse so that I can type in web addresses, check email, etc., easier.

    The first thing that my PS3 did when I connected it was to complete a software update.

    Regardless of what website I go to, the screen blinks on and off. The connection is stable, it's not disconnecting and reconnecting, but the TV screen blinking on and off makes my eyes hurt, gives me a headache, and is unreadable as such. The blink lasts about 1-2 seconds and occurs every 10 seconds or so. What do I need to do to make this stop?

    The other problem I have is that each page I go to comes up, then asks if I want to run the plug in. Is there a way so that the machine automatically knows to run the plug ins or do I have to choose this every time?

    Thank you for your assistance.
  • JC, the blinking issue isn't your internet but the video connection. You will want to try hooking up to the tv another way because the way it is now is just not working for your tv.

    As for the plug ins, it won't remember it. To be honest, the PS3's web browser is rather limited- you're better off sticking to Firefox or Chrome on the computer.
  • Thanks a million. :)