I need help with Monster Rancher 2 (PS1)
  • Hi. I'm having some trouble with Monster Rancher 2. The problem I'm having is when Dr. Talico came by my ranch, he asked if I wanted to go on an adventure with him. I said yes and then the screen freezes on the 'Now Loading'. My monster is Rank B and his fame is 55 and he's always on the ranch when Talico comes over, ( I had to reject his offer a couple of times due to the freezing) and his life is 225. Do I need to do anything more to have my monster go on the expedition? My console is a PS2 but it's been working great so far. Thanks for any help I can get.
  • Could be that the disc itself has a bad coding or a mark somehwere upon it. Try to lighty clean the surface, and see if that works. If not, that means you have a CD that just has a bad spot. Nothing to do with your monster, just the game. (Many copies are made, many bad copies are made as well)