IP address/Internet connection problems, PLEASE HELP!!
  • Hi Lyndon,
    I have been viewing forums on here regarding IP address timing out so have followed ALL of the advice. Is there any other info you can give me? Wep key fine, in dhcp settings created a new ip address for ps3 (, rebooted router, restored systems default settings all with the same result - IP address timed out. Then did connection settings on custom entering dns numbers, ip address etc. to which the IP address was found but then failed on internet connection test. Any other things i could be missing? I need a dummies guide for ps3 though as i'm not all that clued up on stuff like this so sorry if i sound stupid! Many thanks, Paul :eek:
  • So far so good, actually- may just need to give the router itself a power cycle again after the settings were in place and double check that the DNS servers, router IP, subnet mask, etc. all match what's in the router. You may also want to put that IP address into the router's DMZ, which will put it outside the router's firewall.