trouble with internet and other computers in the house
  • hi, i recently got a ps3 and it's been working fine at my dorm. i am home now for the summer, and when i hook my ps3 up to the ethernet cable, that is attatched through a router connecting other computers downstairs, it works for a little, and then disables the internet in the whole house, and to all computers. have you guys had any trouble with this? and is there anything that can make this not happen? thanks. =]
  • You'll need to change up the PS3's settings a bit and maybe do some tweaking in the router. What's happening is you are getting an IP address conflict between the PS3 and the rest of the house. Grab the PS3's MAC Address out of System Information then set up a reserved IP address in the router using that, making sure to boost it high enough to avoid messing with everyone else. Edit that same address into the PS3's settings and you should be good to go.