PS3 Controller Help
  • On the do I pause, go back and go forward? What buttons do I push on the controller? I signed up for streaming movies on Netflix and would like to be able to pause the playback when I go to the bathroom or go get a snack. I'm an old codger but I'm a fast learner. Any help or advice anyone can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
  • Surely someone can help me???
  • We certainly will try- and don't call me Shirley! ;)


    Finding the actual controls listed on the web has been an exercise in frustration. Still, if you hit the triangle key you will get the menu along the right hand side with the various functions. It will also show beside it which button does the control for each thing.

    Being in Canada I don't have access to Netflix otherwise I'd no doubt be hooked up and would have had no problems listing them all.
  • Thank You Lyndon..I appreciate your help.