tomb raider 1 ps1
  • :cool: hi I give you 100% credit for this walkthrough but as far as the crevice to shimmy right (the wall is colored to look like lava ) I have tried many times and ways of reaching this but failed to grab onto it ...any help of how to jump and correctly grab the ledge would be a big help .I keep bouncing off wall and falling into lava , what am I doing wrong ?... I finished the game but missed the only 1 secret but got the secret where pendulim swings and tiles fall using a running jump and then you need to jump into small square pool like a cliff diver . my questions are how do you grab this ledge ? is there a way to know if your in the right area and how to jump ? below is the walkthrough i read and hope it helps with my questions ...i`m the kind of player who wants to find all items On the left wall is a crevice you can jump to. Grab on and shimmy right

    until you can drop to the ledge and get SECRET #2 - medkits and Uzi clips.

    Jump backwards off this ledge to the slanted pillar then jump forward to

    the pillar with the Save Gem. Jump into the tunnel on the right and run

    through it as the floor falls away behind you. Time your jump through the

    cleaver then go right down the slope and try to outrun the boulder chasing

    you. When the chase is over you can jump over the boulder to get a medkit

    then jump back and turn right to slide down a second slope. Time your jump

    past the blade to get to the ledge then drop to the tunnel and run past the

    lava that enters the tunnel.

    Get the medkit and continue past more lava then use the switch and enter

    the door. Get the Uzi clips in the passage to your right then go back to

    the lava hole. A boulder rolls above you so when it passes jump over the

    hole and hang as a second boulder rolls by overhead. Climb up and enter

    the next room with a series of ledges with flames on them. Stay close to

    the wall and make the jumps. You will take some heat damage but not nearly

    as much as if you catch on fire. If you do burst into flames drop down

    to the water below to put out the fire then swim back to the beginning and

    try again.

    You should now be in a room with a pool and a cleaver. Jump to the panel

    in front of the blade which falls out from under you so pull yourself up

    and leap into the cave entrance through the swing blade to find SECRET #3 -

    Uzi ammo and a medkit. When you are ready to leave to to the edge of the

    entrance - take one step back then jump to that tiny pool below. Grab the

    Uzi clips then swim through the tunnel and into the next room. Save your

    game then get some more Uzi ammo and proceed to the large room.

    Natla is back and is flying around shooting fireballs at you! Blast her

    with Uzi fire and dodge as much as you can. Heal yourself often. After

    shoot her down she will get up and you must continue to blast her until

    she STAYS down. Enter the tunnel and get some Uzi ammo. Note: Natla was

    the last enemy in this game so any more ammo is strictly for obtaining a
  • hi i need a answer ... you answered what i knew ...i mean at top of hill before sliding or jumping down on to pillars ....there is a wall on left side that i am told is a shimmy crack that you must grab to shimmy along the wall . this alows you to get a secret . the wall is lava colored ... if you miss the grab it`s toast and i can`t seem to be able to grab on
  • There's really nothing more I can add to it. That bit of walkthrough was grabbed from another site, it wasn't written by me.