sony.make believe problem with my system
  • My playstation 3 reset itsself this morning, when it booted back up a blue screen popped up with a whole lot of jibberish (a whole screen of writing that could not be read) i pushed a button and the load screen said "sony.make believe" It made me put the time and date in then it said items were detected on my harddrive, did I want to load them or delete (screen names, save data, music, movies, etc. etc etc ...of course I loaded everything. The system finnaly let me pick a screenname and I picked mine (im the owner) all the games I downloaded didnt work, my psn account didnt work for 30 minutes, I had to reasign my bluetooth headset...since then iv downloaded back all DL games from my psn account and they work and reasigned my headset and fixed a few other minor problems and everything is working great now like nothing happened. My question is what the heck is sony.make believe and why did it mess up my system to where I had to spend all day redownloading and tinkering with everything? (My wife and brother have account on my system to and theirs didnt work for 30 minutes either) seanthabawn