Playstation 2 Online
  • Hey Man I Need A Lot Of Help. I Have The Newer Ps2 And I Have The Cord To Plug In To The Destktop Computer From Gamestop. I Dont Have A Wireless Thing So Where Do I Plug My Cord In That I Got From Gamestop? Thanks For The Help:cool:
  • I'm going to guess you mean an ethernet cable. The port for it is in the back of the PS2- it may have a small plug in it to keep dust out.

    Plugging into the computer won't get you online without some jury rigging on the computer. You should get a router (even a cheap one that does just wired connections would do) to share the connection between your computer and the PS2.

    Now, do you also have the disc for doing the online set up? If not check some of your games that have online built in- one should have the program on it for setting up the connection.