disc reading problems?
  • I've been using my OLD ps2 (which was once under the care of my sister who's 2yr old son may have done ANYTHING to it) to play an old series which i never finished. it got through the first two games fine, with small bits of lag here and there, but nothing serious. but then i got to the third game and it completely messed up and wouldn't play anything past the first cutscene. the disc was a bit messed up itself so i disc cleaned it (using a cleaner that says "Motorized Automax" on the side, that has worked for me on multiple games/cds, including those affected by ring scratches from the xbox 360, and old cds that wouldn't work anymore) and still no luck. i gave up and left it alone for a few months, then decided to get a new disc and try. got it, got past the first cutscene, but it has a tendency to lag (from 30 seconds to 10 minutes), or just not load at all when moving to different areas, transitioning into a cutscene, or transitioning from a cutscene to another cutscene. I've also had problems with lag during cutscenes, where a character stands there for 3 minutes doing the same small motion, over and over again and the cutscene either never progresses, or takes extremely long. i haven't tried disc cleaning the new disc (though it is used) as i'm now pretty sure this is a problem with the console. what kind of problem might this be, and is there anything i can do? i want to see what happens to roxas after he falls off the giant clocktower already~ :( :( :( :(
  • just disc cleaned it cause i was impatient with your answers
  • cleaning made no difference again
  • The drive itself is most likely ready to go on your system, lyfizgood. You may want to look into picking up a replacement system.
  • nooooooo, is there anyway i could get it to live for just a bit longer? my dad's not gunna buy me a new system to play one game :( or is it possible to rent a ps2 from anywhere? (i know nothing about playstation, i haven't frequently used this thing for years)
  • Any place that rents out games would also have the systems for rent. You could do that for a few days to try finishing things off then start saving up to pick up a new PS2 slim model.