Do you plan on getting the MOVE when released?
  • Just as the title suggests, are you planning on getting the new MOVE when it is released?
  • As for me, I won't get it when it first launches, but I will keep an eye on it and see what games are available/compatible with it, and then make up my mind.
  • Same here Wade, but it looks like it could be much more versatile then even the Wii
  • I'll be getting it for the sake of checking out. I have a feeling Sony wll make better use of this than Nintendo does with the WiiMote and it seems more accurate, judging by the videos they've done so far.
  • After reading some articles in Gameinformer magazine, I am not too sure about the Move now. A quick look at some of the game titles that will be available for use with the Move are:

    Sports Champions
    Move Party
    TV Superstars
    Brunswick Pro Bowling
    The Shoot

    Reading about the games above, it appears as if this will be SONY's entry into the world of shovel-ware......isn't that what the Wii is for?

    Yeah, I doubt I'll be looking into the Move anytime soon.