cannot connect to the playstation network?
  • Hi,

    I seem to be having trouble connecting to the playstation network and thus not being able to play any online games. I can connect to the internet fine (BBC iplayer for example) but cannot sign in to the playstation network. I was playing online yesterday fine, but this afternoon, no such luck.
    I've tested the network connection and im connected to my IP address and the internet but it fails on the playstation network.

    i'm stumped.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Two words for ya- port forwarding.

    Check out the thread pinned near the top of this section called "getting Your PS3 Online- Some Tips". We have the ports listed along with a link to a site that guides on applying them to your router.
  • thanks!

    the only thing i cant get my head round is i've been playing online for about a year never having to do this portforwarding. now all of a sudden i do? just confuses me as to why this is the case.

    but anyways, thanks again for the help. i'll have a bash now as i think i've got my head round it :-)
  • Hi, had a go at port forwarding my router today but to no avail. :-(

    I tried about 4 or 5 times but was still unable to connect to the playstation network. i even got my mate round to make sure i wasnt being a complete idiot...

    i'm pretty sure i'm doing everything correctly. i have been using the website which is pretty straightforward step by step guide. i set up the static IP adress on my PS3 then configured my router to accept the ports for the playstation network. then made sure it had saved them and tried powering down the router and starting again.

    i have a THOMSON TG585 v7 router. which, from reading on the internet, doesnt seem that good a router. my next option was to DMZ my PS3 so allowing anything through. however this particular router seems to be an absolute nightmare to DMZ my PS3 (according to google). The only things i can think of that might be affecting me is that i changed ISP a few week back and maybe they've suddenly started blocking stuff?

    Also, would it be possible to port forward the minimum and maximum ports? (i.e 0 to 99999). i dont know if this would have the same affect as a DMZ? i really am clutching at straws here as you can probably tell....

    Any help would be GREATLY apppreciated otherwise i'm gonna have to probably shell out on a new router and pay a guy to come round and do it for me. I'm poor so this isnt good lol.

    thanks in advance, James