playstation store
  • My grandmother bought me a game on playstation said it downlooaded it ...but when I exited it out of playstation store was NOT there...can you help mem with this matter?:( Out of 25.00 I bought map pack for 9.99.... ...and purchased Battlefeild 1943..for 14.99 I have .02 you know what happened? I would appreciate any help you can give
  • Battlefield 1943 should be in your Game menu inside the PlayStation 3 folder (depending on how you have the games sorted). The map pack would just install into the game's data so it doesn't show on the menu.

    Also, it's possible what happened with Battlefield 1943 is you only downloaded the unlock key. Grab the demo out of the store then go back into your download history to grab that key again. You should have the full game at that point.