Can't connect ps3 through pc cable modem
  • Ok, so I had my ps3 connected through my pc, which has a 1gig ethernet port, and a cable modem, last week turned my ps3 on and it wouldn't connect, went to pc and made sure all the appropriate boxes were ticked, (had to tick a few) and then it connected, next day turned ps3 on and it the attempt to obtain an ip address timed out, and now says on my pc that the connected is limited or no connectivity, I went into the connection settings and everything's the same as when it was connecting, I just don't get it, i've tried turning the modem off, turning the ps3 and pc off i've done everything i've done before to get it to work, but it won't and now it's annoying me, so please help someone!

    PS. I've also did a factory reset on my ps3 but I don't think the problems the ps3, I am also using a crossover cable so that's not the problem, any help would be greatly appreciated!