PS2 won't read any discs.
  • I have a PS2 SCPH-70012 Slim that will not read PS2, PS1 or DVD discs.

    It makes a distinct clicking sound while reading and then it does not even pop up an error screen, it just stops.

    Audio sample. (Turn volume up, and maybe download file)
    zSHARE - V003.WAV

    Any insight would be appreciated.
  • That clicking sound would possibly be the reader lens impacting against the disc. Your disc reader is quite possible (I'm using the technical term here) borked. If there is any amount of warranty left call Sony's customer service.
  • Now my PS2 spins the disc very slow, stops for half a second and spins it very slow again. It keeps doing that in an endless cycle, and I cant event turn it off, I have to unplug it.