ModNation Racers
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    Now that it is here, how many of you got it and what are your impressions so far?
  • So far I am really enjoying ModNation and all it has to offer.

    The creative aspects of this game are impressive and, for those a little timid, very user-friendly as well. The Career mode is challenging once you get to the later tracks, and "quick Race" is always good for just that...

    Online races can at times be a little difficult to find, but overall, I'd say ModNations is a good game to add to the collection.
  • Come on fellow Modders, I know you are out there!

    Leave your PSN and lets get some races going!
  • There have to be some people here that are also playing this game! After all, you have an endless array of tracks to choose from plus are able to make your own for others to try.

    The only thing I have against it is the regionalizing of the online play (which many have been vocal about, both Sony and United Front know this too).
  • So........199 people looked at this and only Lyndon and I have it??

    Come on folks, jump in and tell us what you think and let's hook up.
  • Uummmm......I dunno', MNR has only been out a little more than 2 months, and I am seeing the game dwindle in popularity already.

    I am finding the game somewhat redundant, combined with the glitches and others issues this game has I have been playing less and less of it as of late.
  • Well,I played a bit of MNR last night with high expectations that the devs had fixed all the known issues.

    How wrong I was.

    In Career Mode, there is the same "Rubber banding" and over-powered AI as there always was.

    It was almost predictable the way the AI would wait until half-way through the 3rd lap, then unleash all Level 3 weapons back-to-back, and then rubber band into first, regardless of what position or lead one may have had prior to that.

    I also saw some glitched times in the Global Time Trials (one such glitch was a 30 second 1st Place on a 3 minute track).

    Yeah, I did have fun overall, but sadly it looks like United Front created a game so full of problems they either can not or do not know how to correct them.

    It was also mighty slow in the ModSpot and online as well....which may be a sign that the game is pretty much run its course except for the die-hard fans of this game.

    What a shame...such a great idea that the developers managed to screw up through incompetence.