Help with Wall-e Game
  • Hey all you great gamers. I am new to this, and am a little old to figure some of these things out, but I was moving along quite nicely in the Wall-e game until I came to the Robot rescue area. Got the first key card, but have been stuck for hours in the Engine room trying to get to the second card. I can get past the glass wall, but can not move the big magnetic cube into the space underneath the glass floor....HELP ...will have to quit and dont want to......a million thanks for any help you can offer.....
  • This bit I grabbed from a walkthrough i found should help out, smalone. B)

    Grab a Magnetic Cube and head back over to the opposite side. Throw the cube at
    one of the triggers to turn the structure. Grab another Magnetic Cube and do
    the same to the other structure. Now head back over to the opposite side and
    use the turnpike to get on to a higher ground. Get even higher from this point
    and you should now be able to jump across the two structures to the Security
    Door. Laser the Red Crate here and play the security game. You have to match
    the two sides. Simple. Go through the door and to the next hallway. Box Form
    through the blue crates that you see and take a right through the glass doors.
    Secure all the crates in this room as well. Use the cubes from the hallway to
    get the crates stacked out of reach. You can also use the cube bot to do so.

    Lead the cube bot out of this room and up the hallway. Watch out for the
    Steward. Lead the cube bot past the enemy at the top of the stairs and into the
    next room. Get a cube from him and throw it at the closest trigger. You should
    now see a path begin to form. Quickly make your way across the path because it
    is only formed temporarily. It is ok to leave your cube bot now. There's a cube
    dispenser on this next platform so grab a cube and throw it the next trigger.
    Once again, quickly make your way across to the next platform. Do the same to
    the trigger to complete the path. Play the security game. This one is very
    simple, just press the square that lights up.

    Procure all the crates in the hallway en route to the next room. In this room,
    if you do not care about the getting all the crates, then just pick up the cube
    and throw it at the trigger on the door. If you do care about getting all the
    crates, I recommend that you get spotted and commence a fight against all the
    Stewards. Just Box Form into them one by one to take care of them all. After
    you've taken them down, you can freely use the cube and throw it at the four
    crates in this room. Once you're ready, head through the door to the tunnel.
    You can't just run straight across. You can only walk on the parts that glow
    light blue. Head through the security door.

    The final keycard is now in sight. There are also a bunch of Stewards like last
    time. Box Form into the ones on the floor. Do not forget about the Sunbeam to
    your right. Thanks to that, you can't possibly lose all your health if you are
    smart. After you've taken care of the ones on the ground, grab a cube and get
    close enough so you can throw it at the Stewards up top. After you clear those
    out, WALL-E will grab the final keycard. Phew, that had to be the longest level
    in the game thus far.