I need help for adjusting ps1 lens installation screws
  • I mistakely unscrewed all of three screw on the bottom of lens pickup.
    now,It can't recognize any backup and even original copy and it can't get to sony logo.
    the model of mine is KSM-440ACM and I thought If these screws get back to their original position It would work as it used to be.
    So I have googled with that model number and I found below link which shows bottom side of KSM-440ACM lens pickup.
    bottom picture of KSM-440ACM
    But It seems this picture has somewhat different rotation position of Philip's Head comparing to my pickup.
    I need at least one more KSM-440ACM High-resolution picture of bottom side for adjusting 3 cross screws of my lens pickup close to their factory position.
    I'm so sorry for my corrupt English which may cause you misunderstand and Anyone PLease attach picture at bottom of KSM-440ACM lens pickup if you have perfect work one.it would be extremely appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.