monster hunter freedom 2
  • this is all about playing with other ppl,do i need to use internet to play with other ppl or do i have to be near them so i can play with them? or do i need internet to play with the other ppl near me?....i am so confused :confused: i just wanna know if i could play with other ppl if they r near me without internet or not or i could use the internet to play with ppl from other countries,yeah this is hard to explain,anybody could just tell me if i need internet or not to play with other ppl near me....................and i am talking about monster hunter freedom 2
  • If by "near you" you mean in the same room, no, you don't need internet. This is what the PSP's Ad Hoc mode is for. Just have all of you tur on your wi-fi switch and the PSPs should all join together when you hit the right game mode.

    You would need wireless internet for playing people across the world, however, in "infrastructure" (what they call their online) mode.
  • is that ad-hoc always in the psp?...i mean i donot have to buy it from somewhere else? or it comes with the psp?
  • You do not have to purchase any other equipment or add-on's. If the game you are playing supports Ad Hoc play (and Monster Hunter Freedom 2 DOES support Ad Hoc play) , then that is all you need.

    Make sure your WiFi switch is turned on and set the game to Ad Hoc mode.

    I play my Monster Hunter Freedom 2 quite often with a buddy of mine with no issues.