Batman: Arkham Asylum bug
  • Guys, really need your help.

    At around 44% of the game, when I start cross the Cell Block Transfer at Intensive Treatment building, a voice starts and says: "Did anyone see the game last night?" (nor something like that).

    After that, if I move forward, the game just simply freezes, starts to do creapy sounds, goes all black and do 02 different things randomly:
    1) Reboots to the start of the game and its cus-scene
    2) Screen goes all black and then pops up the pause menu but if put resume it pops up again.

    Please guys, really need help!!

    THANKS in advance.
  • If memory serves, that's actually part of the game. With Scarecrow's fear toxin at work Batman is seeing a revised version of the start (only with roles between himself and joker reversed).
  • you are right Lyndon. I turned my game off 3 times before I figured out it was part of the game.
  • Folks, thank you very much!! I'm quite embaressed since this was part of the game. Anyway, I believe they choose to do a strange interruption!! For me it really looks like there is a tilt happening to to the game!!!

    Again, thanks for replying so fast. I have gone through that part and finished the game yesterday. Will start looking for the riddles and other secret stuff.