ps3 network connection issues
  • so me and my husband have had our playstation for a while and havent had n e problems b 4 but today he tried logging in to the playstation network and it did not respond...not even to play online we tested the connection in the system area or somewhere and everything was fineexcept the ps3network connection had failed...
    ip adress-suceed
    internet connection-suceed
    ps3network connection-failed
  • i bought my ps3 used and the guy did some online gaming with it. I've tried to connect to the internet but everytime i do it says "cannot use another persons email adress" i JUST created the online playstation account and have never used it for online gaming before at all so how the heck do i go online with this thing? lol
  • helpppppppppp! my son has just purchased a pre-owned ps3, he can connect to the internet fine but when he tries to sign up for playstaion network it says cannot use playstation network with this account, which obviously means the owner before my son had an account and not deleted it, we have gone through every option on the ps3 to try find an account from previous owner but are inable to so we cant even delete it, we have tried to sign up online but still no joy, can anyone help please.
  • Kirsty, have you made a new user on the PS3 first? If not, do this then be logged in as that user and sign up for the PSN. You'll then be able to adjust the internet settings to fit your own connection.

    vblackrebel, this may help you as well.
  • Create a new user account on your ps3s and then create your psn account.