Old PS2 "DVD Player Not Set Up"
  • Hi everyone,

    I have searched all over for an answer to this question and cant find one.

    The situation:
    I cleared out all the contents of my memory cards. On those cards were 2 or 3 system like looking files 'system file' and 'dvd player'

    I thought the firmware would take care of re-installing them for me if they were necessary. Not so.

    I now have an old fat style playstation that will play games fine. It will detect the DVD in the drive and will show the disk icon in the browse section but when i select that DVD icon i get "Dvd Player is not set up".

    How can i get my DVD's to play again?

    I read in an old thread that i could get the DVD remote which comes with a driver disk, but when i went to the local PS store they said that the remotes no longer need and dont come with a disk.

    The playstation i have must be one of the very first to come off the line. under the triange version control panel all the options say version 1.0.

    under the triangle button there is the option to put the unit into 'Debug' mode. But this doesnt help get it to play DVD's.

    The unit is not mod-chipped.

    I have tried removing the battery from the mother board but the settings and date survived that exercise. (not sure how the date survived.)

    any help appreciated. Cheers.

    the model number is SCPH-15000
  • I know you said it isn't modded....does that mean "Not modded now but it used to be" by any chance?

    This is a very common issue resulting from messing up the BIOS pins up when someone installs a non-solder chip.