• Hi PS Team,
    Actualy u knw I m trying 2 get u since long but ur site was unknown 2 me. thanks 2 almighty at last I eble 2 linkup with u.

    My problem is, I have a PS1 console brought from Australia, but I m living in Dhaka & that was too old now 2 get the GAMES CD. I m sorry 2 say that I tryed all over Dhaka but did,t get a CD.

    So would u pls help me by sending a Games to my Mail, and express me the way how can I be able 2 make it compatible CD 4 PS1.

    Thanks u all in connection with.

  • I'm sorry, Taan, but I'm afraid we are not the actual Sony PlayStation and we do not have any discs to send.

    What I would suggest is that you try setting up an eBay account with their Australian site and you would be able to purchase the actual game discs there from willing buyers.