Need Help - HDMI issues
  • I've had the PS3 hooked up to my Mitsubishi DLP TV for 3 years now using HDMI. I get this constant flickering of the screen sometimes for a few minutes sometimes a lot longer. It is very annoying. I have 4 HDMI inputs to the TV, it happens on all four. My Fios and Bluray are also connected to HDMI and have no problems. The Ps3 has the latest updates, I don't know what to do, I may have to use component instead, but what waste. Help!
  • It may be the HDMI cable you are using, picaso. Try using one from the othere devices and see if that does the same thing. If not, time to get a better HDMI cable.
  • I use high quality HDMI cables for all of my equipment. Yes I have tried using different cables, they all work fine with the FiOS box and my stand alone Blu Ray. Anyone else have any other ideas?