PS3 Connection Problems...
  • okay. so i have a dualrange max netgear wireless - N Router and its the best possible. my internet service provider is speednet. my ps3 is new. anyways. im able to play a game for 20-30 minutes. this is 2 matches in call of duty(if im lucky) this is rediculous cuz i wish i could fix the problem but i dont know what it is. the connection percentage is about 95%. Can you help? please. it doesnt really make sense to me
  • The PS3 sometimes doesn't work the best with N speed routers seeing as the wi-fi card inside it is for B and G speeds. Also, N routers are still using "draft" technology (meaning things aren't finalized on the specs and standards) so the backward compatibility may be a bit suspect. If you can get a router that mainly uses G speeds try it.

    If that isn't a possibility check the Netgear site for a possible firmware upgrade and doublecheck your port forwarding settings.