Summer Vacation!!! :D
  • So seeing as we are now in the second week of summer, and I am going on an annual trip about two weeks from now.... (am I starting to ramble?) a little question has been nagging me for a while. What are YOU:excl: the people of Ap doing this summer that in your opinion has to be highlighted? (If you were wondering I am going to Tahoe for two weeks. Have been going since I was quite literally an embryo! [Back-story: when my mom was pregnant with me, she still went up to Tahoe.] My grand-parents and closer family all stay in a rented cabin for two weeks on the south shore. A definite bit of fun to be had going to Tahoe. {OK now I know I am rambling so just post what you plan to do this summer below.})
  • You scared me there for a moment Red. I was thinking you had...well..nevermind. :)

    I, unfortunately, am going to be spending my summer working. My summer doesn't start until the end of August when I am done working at Disneyland for the summer and prepping to head back to school.

    The plus side of working though is I'll be getting enough money to pay for my next kyu test in karate and various seminars that are going on this summer. Yay! :D

    My mom has talked about going to our family's timeshare at Palm Springs for a day which I'm excited about, but nothing for sure has been set in stone so right now it's just being talked about.

    I also thought about going to Lake Perris and taking a bike ride. I don't know when that'll happen, but hopefully it'll be sometime during this summer. :)
  • Oops, sorry for the double post there.... The real post is below this one.
  • Melinda S STAFF said:
    You scared me there for a moment Red. I was thinking you had...well..nevermind. :)

    <_< Ok now you got me intrigued to what you were gonna say...
    But Palm Springs and ... sounds pretty interesting. And for me being the person I am, working during summer?! Unthinkable!
  • I don't like the idea of working in the summer either, but it's the only job I've got and I hate asking my parents for money to spend on things that aren't school related. I deal. It's only until the end of August. Then I've got most of September to have a "summer".
  • Well, as how I am fortunate enough to be on an extended vacation we can go whenever we wish...BUT, this summer the wife and I are planning on going to the following destinations:

    Universal Studios
    Santa Cruz (a few times actually, it is our favorite destination)
    Lake Tahoe
    Bodega Bay
  • Santa Cruz eh? Well hope you have good weather.
    Oh and besides the tahoe trip, I have nothing to do over the summer.-_-
  • Good weather or bad, we ALWAYS enjoy going to Santa Cruz!
  • I do not have that much planned for this summer. I graduated high school at the beginning of June and started community college immediately afterwards. I get no break! But to tell you the truth, I am unhappy without a routine. I am always so bored during the summer months.