Modern warfare2 new maps compatibility
  • Ok my problem is straight and simple. I am in Pakistan and my psn account is on psn europe just like every one in the mid east area. I want to buy the new map pack but the store description says these maps will work only with EU id blue ray discs. My copy of MW2 was a present from a friend who got it on a business trip to South Korea, hence it is a Korean id disc. Now if I buy those maps, will they work with it as the ps3 is not region locked or will I have to create another user account for psn asia?
  • You would need to make an Asian- based PSN account, yes. I would suggest making one for Hong Kong as the store is in English. The PSN cards are also easily had via eBay and import sites.
  • Thanks. Now another question has popped into my head. Obviously the psn asia account will be under a new name, but since the maps will be on my machine, I should be able to use them with my existing psn euro id?
    Also can I copy the maps onto a usb drive in case I decide to delete my game profile and data from my ps3?
    Thanks again
  • As long as the account that bought the DLC is on the system all users on that PS3 can access it.

    You wouldn't be able to copy the maps because they go into the game data. As long as you keep the profile that purchased the dlc on your system you can re-download via the store history for that user.