The Happening (2008) - movie
  • Compared to the onslaught of trash that is normally seen in the "Gore/Slasher" types of films that have become so popular today, I found The Happening a great departure from these bloodbath type of films that contain nothing more than buckets of blood, miles of entrails, and acting that is so incredibly horrific as to be laughable.

    I found The Happening to contain quite a few truly eerie scenes, and the overall feel was equally creepy and foreboding. As with all of M. Night's films, I thought it contained intelligent scriptwriting and a novel approach to the interaction of the human populous and the universe we live in.

    I do have to agree that the acting wasn't Oscar-worthy, but as noted earlier, the acting in The Happening was much better than what can be found in the "Gore/Slasher" films of late, and overall I would consider the acting certainly passable if compared to the plethora of garbage Hollywood is putting out nowadays.

    It is a movie of fantasy, suspense and the incredible, and should not be taken as anything other than that. If watched and enjoyed as pure escapism, The Happening will deliver.