Obtain IP Address Failed
  • Hello,

    First off here is my connection settings.
    Internet Connection: Enabled
    Connection Method: Wireless
    Signal strength: Ranges from 47-60%
    SSID: My network
    Channel: 1
    Security: None
    UPnP: Not Available
    NAT Type: 2

    The problem is when i test my connection, it displays the message "Attempt to obtain IP address failed." I have read the other forms about giving the PS3 its own IP Address in the custom settings and I have done that but then when I test the connection the Internet connection fails. Sometimes i can actually get on fine and everything but it doesn't last long and in about 5 mins i get kicked off. I know the signal strength is rather low, could that be the problem? Is there any possible solutions so i can just get online and play?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Low signal most likely is what the cause is- the PS3's wi-fi card isn't one of the best for signal pick up some times. If going wired isn't an option you may need to look into a repeater or moving the router and PS3 closer together.
  • Yeah, that's what I am planning on doing today cause we just got a new computer and it will be only like 20 feet away from the PS3. Thanks for your help.