Resident evil: code Veronica X
  • Ok. I need help. I've recently started playing this resident evil game and I can't get past this one spot. I'm in the castle room after getting the gold key. And now I have to figure out which button/s to push. The big picture of the the little boy says, " trace the ashford legacy and revile the true master" I don't get it!? I've tried everything and the alarm always goes off. What am I suppose to do?
  • Here's a bit I found in one of the many walkthroughs that can be found for this game. This should do the trick! :)

    First, press the button
    underneath the picture of the female, Veronica. After this, you shall go
    over and press the button beneath the man with two baby boys in his
    arms. After this, walk over to the man on the right without the book and
    press the button underneath its' picture. The fourth button that wishes
    to be pressed resides underneath the picture of the man that looks like
    Ben Folds with red hair. After this, select the picture of the man
    reading the book, and push the button to it. We're getting close to the
    end. Press the button underneath the picture of the blond man middle-
    aged man, which is the last of the bottom pictures. Now, press the
    button underneath Alfred Ashford, the one above the steps.