ps1 game wont save
  • hi - i`ve been trying to save this game (it is a ps1 game) for ages now and for some reason it wont work. i made a memory card on slot one on the ps3 but when i go to save in my game it says there is no memory card in slot one. i have no idea what to do and i just want to be able to play my game from where i was and not restart !! please help... !!
  • Is the card you made a PSOne card or PS2? If you made a PS2 card you'll need to make one specifically for PSOne games (fferent ways to store saves).
  • i`m not to sure to be honest - how would i make it specifically for a ps1 game? from what i know it has made a memory card ( in the file it says ps/ps2 game store - or something around those lines)
  • When you were in the memory card section it should have asked what type of card you wanted to make.

    Go back in and check- if it says it's a PS2 card make a PSOne and make sure it is assigned to slot 1. If you do have a PSOne card, make sure it's assigned or delete and try again.