uncharted 2 game
  • Hi,

    When i insert my uncharted 2 game disc into my ps3 console, the game loads and i see the naughty dog intro. after that the game starts and i can hear the audio but theres no video.At this point, all the buttons on the ps3 controller dont work either except for the psbutton.

    Actually i've had the game for about 3 months, and all of a sudden this problem just recently started. All other ps3 game discs work perfectly fine, all except this uncharted 2 disc. Please kindly help
  • I would suggest first give the disc a cleaning with a soft microfiber cloth, going fro the middle to the edge (don't follow the grooves). You may also need to go into the system data and delete the Uncharted 2-related stuff then let the game re-install it (you won't affect your game saves). You would likely need to re-download any dlc you have as well, which can be done from the store download history.