Internet connection, slow and unstable/non-existant
  • Hi,

    I've been having trouble with my internet connection. I connect wirelessly with a WPA2. I previously had no problems, but recently I've been getting very slow or no internet connectivity. This started around the same time I got a new cable modem (added VOIP and needed an upgraded modem), though I can't be sure that it was exactly the same time. Also I am using the same router with the same settings before and after the new modem.

    When I test the connection I get a IP address, USUALLY succeed when checking the internet connection, but sometimes fail, about 50/50 when checking the Playstation Network, the other items succeed, and the Speed test comes back around 1MB down, <1MB up. When I run a speed test with my PC (also wireless) I get >10MB down and 2-5MB up.

    I've opened the ports I saw you mention on another thread, but I'm still having these issues. My ISP claims because I'm getting good connection on my PC the problem is not the modem.

    FYI, I've also tried turning off all security on my router, and no changes. I would try connecting directly to the modem but I the cable run I would need would be way too long.

    Any help would be appreciated.