MGS4 Problem
  • Help!!

    I bought MGS4 yesterday. During the setup stage I downloaded the update for the game and started to play. Four hours into the game the game abruptly switches back to the PS3 menu. I have tried going back from the save point and retrying it and the same thing happens. I went back to the store and exchanged my CD for a different one. Unfortunately the same thing happens at the same point in the game. The only thing that is consistent with the two game cds is the downloaded update, so I suspect there is a corrupt file in the update. Can anyone tell me how to remove the update?

  • Paul, what you will want to do is go into the PS3's Game Data folder and delete the MGS 4 information there. Then, when you put the disc back in, it will re-install and go for the update again. This time, all should go smooth.