How,s The Weather?
  • i don't know about anyone else but where i live it,s cold
    ya you guessed it i live in Canada and yes it's snowing in may. so it's cold here in alberta hows it where you are?
  • Hot and raining and near the equator.. Miami, FL.
  • Extremely hot! as the usual days!!


    I would like to see a snow someday :think:
  • Low 50s and raining fairly regularly right now.....thouh it's supposed to be 80s starting tomorrow.
  • I live in Southern california were the temperature is always mid 70's :clap: :flex: :peace:
  • Cali is always the same tempreture everyday. It's actually more surprising when it rains. :disco:
  • Tornado season is starting here in Oklahoma. We had our second tornado warning this month yesterday. We have a saying here......"If you don't like the weather just wait a minute, it'll change"!
  • I saw low 50's and high 80's and I suddenly wondered how the :swear: it could get that hot, then I remembered, your in America :doh: . Anyway, where I live its hot and dry, they have been forecasting rain, we haven't had any. So at the moment its hot and dry all day long. It regularly stays around low-mid 30's :cry: .
  • I live in Kamloops BC Canada and it's been raining almost everytime I've looked out the window for the past 4 days.
  • Well it's gotten cold enough to wear a jumper this week and there's been a bit of rain too. I love weather like this, taking a walk when the sun comes out after rain on a cold day is great, as long as everything stays green.

    ...And birds, there needs to be birds, multi coloured birds, like the ones you'd find around here.
  • Maryland has been having CRAZY weather this year! last week it was in the 70' its in the 60's and yesterday it was practically in the 40's!!! is it ever going to be warm enough for shorts again!?!?
  • Right now it's pretty nice in Wisconsin 63 degrees. :woot:
  • 3:00PM, it's 46 and raining in Minot, N.D. I guess I don't mind, after a long winter the rain is making things green again. Hope it stops before Thurs, that's my golf day. :helpme:
  • Yep i'm british! (don't take the mick :rebel: )

    But over here its hot for us about 28 degrees centegrade!


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • It will probibly rain for 5 days straight. That is the forcast for where I live. (Nova Scotia)
  • For those of you obviously interested in the world wide weather here's a short report from way up north.

    The snow season seems to have ended (and by that I mean that the snow will melt on inpact).
    In a few weeks the lakes and rivers might be free of ice and drunk students may once again risk their lifes during many the virgin voyages of their home made boats (read badly carpented rafts).

    Here and there there a gren straw of grass has dared stick it's head out in the barren landscape only to find that the wind takes the warmth away in quite a effective manner.

    The sun sets at aproxomatly 9 P.M so that you can stay inside enjoying the weather all day, and soon part of the night, long. Going to bed early without a five inches thick curtain over your window is out of the question. Getting drunk and spend the night getting frost bites on a deserted meadow isn't.

    The persistent spreading of sand on each and every street has paid off and after the sweeping trucks made their routes today everything is a lovely shade of grey granite.

    Even so, the view through my TV screen is as lovely as ever and the future is looking ever so cloud free.
  • Well, the days have gotten shorter and the nights are definitly colder. Winter is on it's way, here in the Southern Hemisphere!!!
    Yesterday, I woke to find our first.....of many.....frosts, blanketing the ground. And had a heck of time convincing myself to leave the warmth and comfort of my bed!

    Today was much the same. But at least (with the frosts) you are assured of a crisp, clear sky, with not a single rain cloud on the horrizon!........well, most of the time that is?

    It won't be long now, before the Southern Alps, get their first good dumping of snow, signalling the "Ski Season" officially open!!!! Yipeeeee!!!!

    Please don't let the last statement fool you.......Bid, can ski? Very well long as it's on her a@$e :blink:
  • Beautiful golf weather right now, sunny, mid to late teens and a light wind.

    A little higher temperature would be nice but it is not necessary.

    Can't wait to get out again, perhaps Sunday so that the wife can spend some quality time with the kids on Mother's Day. ;)
  • the last few days we've had a heatwave at 85degrees ferinheit but today its been raining a bit
  • It is very sunny today, it feels nice, and i might go swimming later. :helpme:
  • Wow! It's turned sunny in england??!! :blink: Thts a first! Normally it's just raining! :tired: :cry: