splinter cell chaos thoery
  • hi i was wondering if you could help me i am stuck in the above game i am near the completion of the bathouse were i have to disable the bombs i can find the first two but cant find the 3rd bomb to diable (it is really doing my head in lol)any help would be apreciated thanks [email]mitchy6161@yahoo.co.uk[/email] with any replies cheers i am on the ps2
  • This bit grabbed from a walk through i found should do the trick for you.

    A timer has started, the bomb is to the left where you cannot go further. The
    moment you start to disable it the timer will stop, but it will start over
    again so don't think it is over yet.
    Ok, things are really getting from bad to worse. Guards have entered the area
    and will shoot you the second they'll see you (and they will since they are
    wearing goggles like yourself). For the second bomb return to the door (watch
    out for a guard to the right if you are too slow you'll meet him on the catwalk
    above) and run up the stairs. Climb onto that thing ahead of you (guard ahead
    on the catwalk) and drop down on the other side. Jump down to the right and you
    will land right next to it. Jump up again and look for a red light that is
    flashing further to the right. Follow the catwalk to the right but make sure
    you have your gun ready. Jump over from the catwalk to the heating and you will
    be able to disable the last (finally!) bomb. Shetland will pass you, but you
    won't be able to move until he's gone.
  • thanks will give it a go much apreciated