Problems reading disc's(?).
  • Hi ,

    You will have to overlook my bad english since it's not my native language.

    Well I've had my playstation since beginning of time, and it finally gave up. After accedently(spelling?) leaving it on for a couple of days, it stopped reading my CD's. It is chipped, I have no idea what the chip name/version's are though. And its the original playstation console, not one of those small wussie looking things (sarcasm).

    SO, When i insert a disc, -and this happens to both pirated and bought games- It loads up to the white screen, halts for a bit, and switches over to the grey screen (memory/musicplayer thingy). I myself suspect that something got fried badly, but im not that technical.

    I really want it to get working again since I've had it since like, forever, (and it's the only console i own that plays tekken 3 without lagz). So any help is very very welcome.

    Thank you for your time, and thank you for any advices.
  • The PlayStation is most likely gone for good.

    We do not support the use of a modded PlayStation for playing illegal copies of games and do not give any sort of help in that area.
  • I understand, and that is bad news for me i guess. If you look at it as if it was not modded, what would you suspect would be the problem then? I have full respect for you if you decide not to answer because of it being chipped.

    I do have two consoles and the chipped one is the one I've used the most since I've got quite few bought games left. The second console (This one is the big original also, about 5+ years old) reads games slowly and especially during film sequences on Abe's Exodus (oh i do love that blue guy). I suspect i'll have to change the reader, but a second opinion would help me quite much.

    Thanks alot for both the past and any further response.

    ,Oh and Tekken 3 is bought, the reason I cannot use it in the other console is the lagg. :(
  • Might try taking out the mod and seeing if that helps, or switching the laser disc reader from the modded console to the other one. (Hope that doesn't break the rules.)