Alone in the dark new nightmare
  • it tell me to put in second disc,when i do it nothings happens,tried reboot still no joy..took game back to shop got it changed but still the same is doing my nut in ..please someone help...any advice would be welcome...Golfer
  • Firstly,hello Golfer and welcome to APi.Hope you have fun around this great site.

    Secondly,try putting the disk in a different Playstation and see if it works.If it doesn't,contact Sony and they will give you some advice.Hope this helps. :wave:
  • hi there,,,did you try pushing action after putting in disc 2? I had trouble getting disc 1 to boot up,,,had to put in a demo disc to make sure machine was o.k.,,it was,,then I put in disc and it started right away,,hope this helps,,