• I have made it past the first level, been captured, and escaped from the scientists. Now I'm in that little aquarium room you reach just after breaking through the glass- the one with the piranhas- and I'm stuck.
    ONE time I managed to eat them all before they killed me, but then I still couldn't get out. Is there a trick to exiting the room, or an objective which, once accomplished, will let me out? And if so, how do I keep the fish from killing me first? SO frustrating!
  • Use your charge attack to stun the pirahna long enough to take a bite- eventually you'll get them all. As for the exit...

    the doorway where you entered this part of the aquarium, swim North past
    the cylinder tank that will be your right side, and then turn East (right).
    After you swim east past the cylinder tank, look to the North (left), and
    you will see an exit covered by debris. Just keep Charge attacking the
    junk on the exit until it is clear, and then swim on through the doorway.