Whats You Favourite Soft Drink?
  • i would have to my personal fav is sprite, but if i had to choose it's definetly Coke over Pepsi

    -Image is nothing,
    Thirst is everything!!!
  • Good go there man!!

    Coke over Pepsi!! :punk:
  • Pepsi definitely over Coke! Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper also beat Coke (Have you tried that Vanilla Coke? Nasty!) I must say that Pepsi failed on that Pepsi Twist (worse than Vanilla Coke)
  • Hehe. People that know me personally know without a doubt the answer to this one (yep, thats you LI). I am a Coke person, I love coke. Coke over any other soft drink. Go the coke!!!
  • The new Sprite Zero is surprisingly good, I think that's my new favourite followed by pepsi max. (I'm diabetic so I don't care much for sugar in soda).
    I like MER pretty much too, although I don't think any of you have ever heard of, nor tasted it.
  • Sprite and Mountain dew for me, I'm not a big fan of either coke or Pepsi.
  • I don't drink caffiene so I'm gunna go with orange slice. :peace:
  • I will pick Dr. Pepper first and Pepsi second (Cherry if available).

    I like a lot of them though.
  • Hartwall omena limsa.
  • OH this has to be cream soada for me I just love it.

    But thats a good choice coke over pepsi! :clap:


    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • Since my friend's birthday "party" I have grown to like Shirley Temples.

    Aside from those, I like Virgin Strawberry Dackery(my spelling is probably incorrect though) or IBC Rootbeer.
  • Defiantely coke over anything else, or if not then Fanta Orange. I'll drink Pepsi and Dr.Pepper but i can't say they're my favourite drinks. I have to disagree, the new Vanilla Coke is very nice indeed!
  • I like coke and pepsie the best. Even though dark pop isn't good for you!
  • Vanilla Coke!!!!! Just love that stuff :clap:
    Hopefully, the "powers that be" will be bringing it out in a Diet version........if they haven't already? As yet, there is no sign of it here? Then I wouldn't 'feel so d@rn guilty, every time I crack another can......tehe.
  • You'll be happy to hear that Vanilla Diet Coke should be coming your way soon, seen it at the grocery store not too long ago.

    Having a Diet Coke with Lemon right now. That is what I drink, put a shot of rye (Canadian Club or Crown Royal) and you have a d**n fine rye and Coke!
  • Not wishing to appear like a spammer?? :blink: And am most sorry if indeed I have? But, Thanks for that bit of info' Rex!
    I was begining to think, it would never happen!!!

  • Mine is Pepsi. No Coke here!
  • diet coke is my fav!!!!
  • XTZ :woot: The Maxxx :woot: Jolt :drool:
    ENERGY SODA's RULE :drool:
  • Originally posted by gabriel knight@May 6 2003, 07:06 AM
    Hartwall omena limsa.

    My post is a question: Is this what you guys call 'spam'?
  • Originally posted by Outcast512+May 16 2003, 04:54 PM-->QUOTE(Outcast512 @ May 16 2003, 04:54 PM)
    [quote] <!--QuoteBegin-gabriel knight</i>
    @May 6 2003, 07:06 AM
    Hartwall omena limsa.

    My post is a question: Is this what you guys call 'spam'? [/b][/quote]
    No, I would think that Hartwall omena limsa is a type of pop or cola in Finland.

    I am very sorry to say this but what you just did is spam. Double posting is spam, that is what the edit option is for. If you have something to add to your post minutes after you posted it please use the edit option. If you have something to say and someone else has posted after your post then I would think that it is ok to add another post.

    Providing that it is actually adding something to the topic of the thread. To post again with something like...

    Hey Rex! Where have you been?

    Something like that is better suited in a PM to that person.

    If you ever have any question in the etiquette of the forum use, just PM a mod or one of the regular members. They would be glad to help you out.
  • mine would have to be lovely shandy or the new vanilla coke :fight: :helpme: :woot:
  • Gimmy some Lemon brisk...Pepsi Twist or Pepsi blue.
    I dont mind sprite or Vanilla Coke. But one thing i do not enjoy is the diets....they dont land well in my digestive system.
  • ill go with any DP, DP is the best.
  • I kinda like Mountain dew and Mirinda..... but Coke is better than pepsi!!
  • Since My best Buddy Hoopz started this :clap: I'll Try to be Nice, Pepsie and Coke are very similar, so both of em, But I love A&W Rootbeer more then all of em!!! :punk:

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