cant sign into network
  • Hi their was wondering of anybody can help me please my friend is having problems signing in to the playstaiton network so I've tried to sign in using my account details and the same thing happens it comes up saying you cannot use playstaiton network with this account but it works on my ps3 so the problem must be in my friends ps3 he bought it 2nd hand about 4 months ago and has never been able 2 sign in he can browse the internet no problem so haven't got a clue what could be wrong please help
  • Sounds like he may have purchased a console that was bricked. Did he have the person he purchased it from go online with it before he purchased it?
  • What do u mean by bricked? I think the 1 he bought it off had used it online before. Hopefully theirs a way 2 sort it.thanks for the reply
  • when he got the ps3 was the user saved on the ps3??