"please insert cd-rom"
  • As of today, I am the proud owner of a ps1, a ps1 memory card, and the game i've been looking for for a year now "The Legend of Dragoon." At first, I had bought just the game because I was told my ps2 would play the game and it did, but it wouldn't save the game. So I went back and bought a memory chip due to advice from both the internet and friends. Well, I tried to save the game again and it said it could not format to save. So, today after a little discussion I decided to up and by a ps1...I had every other console so why the heck not have the ps1? Ne way, I put the disk it and on the console screen a message saying "please insert cd-rom" appeared. What should I do? Why isn't it playing? Should I take it back to the store which has given me 30 days to return and replace it? Or can I do something? Most people would take it back immediately but I live an hour and a half from the game store and dont want to make a trip i dont have to make. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME!!!???!!! Thanx---NINJA_KITTY_ROAR
  • I would say it would be best to take that PSOne back, sounds like the laser isn't working properly on the CD drive.

    The Legend Of Dragoon should work with no problem on your PS2 (as will every other PSOne game). A regular PSOne memory card will also work in the card slot so you shouldn't be having any problems there (unless the card you bought is maybe a bit of third party crap). Look for an official Sony-made PSOne memory card.